Bible passages that are overlooked pt.3


2 Corinthians 12:2-6

The Word tells us that a certain man actually visited the 3rd heaven, which is paradise, but he couldn’t tell if he was in body or not. He heard unspeakable words that are not possible for men to speak. Paul is most commonly recognized as being the person he was actually referring to when he wrote this, because v.7 speaks of him getting a thorn in the flesh so he wouldn’t be exalted beyond measure. GOD wants to show us remnants of his glory but when we are shown the remnants, we must be mindful not to boast. There are people today who say they have been to heaven and they’ve stated the things that they’ve seen. Me personally, I don’t believe all of them. I do believe the ones who say they’ve been and couldn’t speak of those things that they saw but the ones who proclaim the glory of Heaven, I honestly don’t believe them. If GOD didn’t allow Paul to speak of those heavenly things nor John to write about certain heavenly things (Revelations 10:4), what makes these people nowadays any better? When GOD wants something known, you don’t have to lie to reveal it, GOD reveals what he wants to reveal, during his time. Just think about the multitude of this experience that Paul had by being lifted to the 3rd heaven. There are certain revelations that GOD shows us on earth; like certain exotic sea creatures, land beasts, extraordinary scenery but it’s nothing compared to the glory of Heaven. JESUS is King and Lord of Lord.

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