Month: October 2017

Unknown Bondage

If I could release the chains of bondage from around the Believers, I would but that’s the duty of The Lord. We have been mislead and deceived by society for far too long. We are told not to be conformed to this world in Romans 12:2 but sadly, we are being influenced too much by this world. Worship is to be done in Spirit and in Truth but yet so many people distort that truth with their own definition. If you’re recording Facebook live while the Word is going forth, YOU ARE NOT WORSHIPPING THE LORD. You cannot record and worship The Lord at the same time. Your focus should be on pleasing The Lord and not accessing more followers on your social media. If you are more excited to get to a building called church, see relatives, or wear your latest array on Sunday morning, I come to tell you, YOU ARE NOT WORSHIPPING THE LORD. You are people pleasing and The Lord has no part in that. The building isn’t a place of worship because The Lord didn’t require a place but He says to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. I want to help and not just allow us to continue in sin and not be admonished, be mindful that you cannot serve The Lord any kind of way. It’s a protocol that requires a pure heart.