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The building called church……..

Many people have inquired about why I no longer attend the building called church. Very few have asked me face to face. So to end all confusion and speculation, I will reveal the REASONS why I followed the Holy Spirit and moved away from the building called church.

  • The Doctrine Of Baptism Is In Error

We must all remember that Jesus did the physical but we are to do the spiritual. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism (Ephesians 4:5). The Lord came in accordance to the Law and customs of the Jews at that time. He was baptized with water by John the Baptizer for an example that we should be baptized for the remission of our sins. He also said that John indeed baptized with water but you’ll be baptized with the Holy Spirit soon (Acts 1:5). Ironically, The Lord was without sin so he didn’t get baptized for himself but for an example that baptism is needed for man after they have repented. Know, since Paul, the forerunner of the Gospel of Grace, has been shown the ways of the Lord though direct revelation, He is now revealing to us that we are to be baptized by Christ in the Holy Spirit. Yes, a spiritual baptism is now needed not a water baptism. An immersion still takes place but instead of water for cleansing, it is into the Spirit. A water baptism never saved a soul but this spiritual baptism engulfs you into the Church and is only done to believers of Christ. Many souls have been baptized with water but unfortunately, that doesn’t save you. If you aren’t a believer of the Risen Savior, you’ll only be a wet sinner when you come out of the water. It should be such a joy that Baptism is now done by Christ and there is no mistaking who will be saved because He knows the heart.

  • The Doctrine Of Tithing

Monetary tithing is a man made doctrine to deceive their flock into giving their money to the building called church. Some have even went as far as requiring you to give 10% of your money or you’ll be removed from the building. Some have not allowed people with gifts to use their gifts according to the scriptures because they don’t give their 10%. I’m standing in full authority and faith in Christ saying that a monetary tithe is neither true, mandatory, Holy, nor is it found anywhere in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore it’s certainly not from the Lord. While reading the Holy Scriptures you will find that it says And all the tithe of the land whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s: it is Holy unto the Lord. And if a man will at all redeem any of his tithes he shall add there to the fifth part thereof. and concerning the tithes of the herd, or of the flock even of whatsoever passing under the rod, the tenth shall be Holy unto the Lord (Leviticus 27:30-32).

When we see the scriptures but don’t actually read and allow the Holy Spirit to teach, it only leads to errors. Clearly these scriptures are referring to food (seeds of the trees, seeds of the land, herd, flock). Now that doesn’t say money in any form. Also, if you withhold your food tithe, you are to add a fifth part to the tithe. Now, a lot of people I’ve asked don’t really know what a tithe is, what it is used for?, when to give it?, and who receives it? A Tithe is a tenth part. A tithe is used to support the levites who had no inheritance of land, the widows, the strangers, and the orphans. The tithe was not used to pay for the pastor, guest preachers, musicians, lights, extravagant trips, nor unnecessary wants. The tithe is food NOT money. The tithe was mandated to the Children of Israel and not to other nations. When Christ died, the law of commandments were fulfilled, meaning, no more laws to follow prior to his law of Grace, that now stands as the only covenant. Those who advocate for a tithe use Abraham as an example to follow. Unfortunately, their method is off. Abraham did tithe, but he didn’t tithe money, he tithed the spoils of war after their defeat. It wasn’t his money. The tithe imposed on the Israelites were to be given to the designated individuals, and also eaten. Only the Levites could receive a tithe because the other tribes had land from their inheritance. Lastly, people use Malachi ch.3 to distort the Holy Scriptures. Malachi was addressing the children of Israel and if you continue reading on to Ch.3:11, the devourer will be rebuked aamd he won’t destroy the fruits of your ground nor the vines of the field. This once again isn’t money.

  • The Doctrine Of Altar Prayer

Altar Prayer is something I grew up in the building called church thinking it had significant meaning and power. Honestly, it doesn’t. We must first know what an Altar really is. An Altar is a place of sacrifice. Are we sacrificing animals or People? No not according to scripture. What we sacrifice now are our body as being holy and acceptable unto God. When it comes to prayer, we don’t even know what we should pray for but under the law of Grace, we have no commanded place to pray but we are to pray without ceasing and with faith. Now, the altar prayers have no significant because we aren’t sacrificing anything nor is that the only place to pray. Having us all to gather around a table has no power. Having us United in faith in the Savior and allowing the Holy Spirit to intercede on our behalf is where the power comes from. He intercedes with groanings which cannot be uttered.

  • The Tradition Of Holy Communion

This topic is one tradition that I really have a problem with. We must do things according to scripture and not make up our own ways of doing things. At the building called churches today, we have an actual table for the Lord’s Supper. There is even a question on becoming a deacon that has a question that reads How many tables are there in church? Where is that question mentioned in the Holy Scriptures? How dare we as as Christians mix Holy and man made sentiments together. There are white sheets placed over the Lord’s supper, signifying purity. Were there white sheets over the Dinner that the Disciples and Christ ate? The Holy Scriptures don’t record not make any mention of that. The man made ushers, deacons, and man made trustees put on White gloves to pass out the Lord’s supper. For some reason, people of authority feel that wearing white gloves and placing white sheets over the Lord’s supper is Holy and pure but that’s not the case at all. Your heart has to be focused on Christ and his redeeming work upon that cross. You cannot be using the Lord’s Supper to get a meal. You cannot have Ill thoughts in your head about your brethren and think that’s fine to partake of his shed blood and body (1 Corinthians 11:20-30). You must do things according to scripture and in order.

The building called church has no place in my heart but the people of The Lord do. Believers are His Church. Our bodies are a temple of the Lord. My Spirit is saddened by all the lies and errors being passed down and repeated without discernment being used. We have too many false leaders who think they are the head of the church but they aren’t even called. He Lord has never called an unbeliever to lead his people. His ordained leaders must be full of faith, obedient, sober minded, faithful, and honest. We are lacking called leaders and we are simply allowing the false leaders to continue to destroy the flock. We must become knowledgeable about satan’s tactics and not be deceived by him any longer.