Month: September 2016

Modern Day Pharisees

​Modern Day Pharisees

In today’s society, we are yet living in the last days. My spirit is grieved at what’s going on in the world. Before you jump to conclusions, I’m referring to professed believers in Christ. As a society of believers, we are failing. There are preachers who are speaking heresy and believers are allowing it only because they’re worshipping that preacher and no wrong can be done in their eyes. There are teachers who are teaching falsely; totally deceiving the believers and the believers aren’t studying the Holy Word of God enough to discern what is of God and what is of the adversary. There are gifted evangelists who won’t evangelize to unbelievers but who are more concerned with financial gain. We need the called leaders of God to stand up and take your rightful place. God isn’t pleased with the error of his Word going forth. We have modern day pharisees who instead of announcing their good works with a trumpet, they are announcing their good works through social media, TV, and the radio. You hypocrites, you announce the good works that you do for man but you won’t announce your sin to them. We are living in a world where love is waxing cold and people are only doing good when there’s a camera or eye witnesses present. There are idolaters who are worshipping their pastor. You invite people to your church to hear them preach but you won’t invite people to Christ. Listen, souls don’t need a pastor, souls need a savior. We are living in times where pastors can ask us anything and we stop what we are doing and we follow that pastor but we are the same people who won’t open up the Holy Scriptures and use it as a guide for us. We are honoring the creation more than the creator, who is Jesus the Christ. I am making an appeal to the unbelievers, repent of your sin and turn to Jesus, the savior of the world. To the believers, stop conforming to the world and take a stand against sin and be bold for Christ. 

Sin Control

​Sin Control

  Yes, sin control just like the earthly pest control is the analogy i will try to portray to get a better understanding for some readers. Sin manifests itself in many ways; sexual immorality, temptations, disobedience, rebellion, etc… Pest control is used to stop the infestation of pest, neutralize or eliminate the known source and cause, and halt the future invasions by using an alternative repellent that deters the pests. Sin can and has to be controlled. Sin can only be defeated by Jesus and through him. When sin has infested you people see an abundance of sin that you do. Just like pests; when an infestation occurs you see them in abundance. Don’t allow your life to become infested with sin and if your life is indeed infested get to know Jesus and repent to him and he will remove that sinful infestation. With pests you have to spray them, there common travel places, and their homes to stop the multiplication of them. With sin you have to first come into the knowledge of Christ then get into His Holy Scriptures because that’s the only way you know what is sin. The closer you are to God the more sin is revealed. The next step is to neutralize or eliminate the source of the invasion of the pest. There may be leftover food droppings, an open door, scented object that attracts, a cracked window, etc… The same with sin; sin must be neutralized and eliminated from the source (James 1:14) and says but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed), you have to first acknowledge you have a sin problem then the next step is to fix the sin problem by eliminating the causes. One of the biggest problems are TV programs and its adulterous, fornicators, abusive, and homosexual promotion. To eliminate that portion of sin in your life; chose to take a stand and gradually stop watching shows and movies that promote those sins. Some may think this is stupid or immature but that’s a form of my sin control and sin control is personal. Only you can go to Jesus on your sins behalf (Hebrews 4:16). If your source of sin is TV, stop watching and fill your mind with Godly things. If your source of sin is drama, stop entertaining drama against and amongst family and friends and distance yourself away from it. Whatever your source of sin is: once you identify it repent from it because God won’t show you a sin that he doesn’t want you to turn from. Lastly, with pests you have to halt future invasions with an alternative repellent. Often times the pests will attempt to come back, but if your repellent is placed properly the pest won’t enter. Likewise with sin; you must somehow halt future invasions. That halt is the Holy Spirit; when the Holy Spirit comes within you sin cannot abide because (1 John 4:4) says ye are God’s Little Children and have overcome them: greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. Once you acknowledge that you have a sin problem you can then eliminate the source of your temptation which had you bound and be filled with the Holy Ghost and fight off future invasions. We must remember that the adversary doesn’t stop deceiving and trying to enter our lives but once you have the Holy Spirit you have the greatest power working within you. We know that from time to time sin will get through but only by our allowance in our time of weakness but at that moment pray to the Lord for strength and anytime you want strength to turn from sin I promise you Jesus will surely supply. A true Jesus Believer cannot become possessed by the adversary: therefore with the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, you have power to resist them and they will flee from you, if you first submit unto God (James 4:7).