Month: December 2017

Your Choice!!!

We as Believers and Followers of Christ cannot move any further away from the Truth; because it is causing more harm. Holiday Trees have no place in WORSHIP. Santa has no place in WORSHIP. Raindeer have no place in WORSHIP. You can WORSHIP The Father, Christ, & The Holy Spirit of Truth anytime, anywhere, and at any place but when you have chosen a special place to do so…. Don’t bring in pagan traditions and practices into your WORSHIP. There are too many churches putting up trees with gifts under them; Christ is the gift and we won’t find him under a tree but in the heart of believers. There are too many people satisfied with just allowing satan to do what he wants and you’re the one putting santa attire on and acting as if Christ sent him. Since Christ didn’t send santa, he’s a workman of satan. As Followers and Believers of Christ, we are to spread Truth and be examples of how to live; not follow lies from satan. You may not know this but following pagan practices causes demonic influences into your life which causes sin and that displeases God. Let’s do better and stand for Truth and stop following these pagan traditions and follow Christ wholeheartedly. After salvation, comes teaching.

santa doesn’t exist.

PLEASE STOP TELLING YOUR CHILDREN, THERE’S A santa and he brings presents. Typically parents are the first people to lie and confuse their children. Why celebrate santa and give him unnecessary praise and even worship. Santa is betrayed as delivering presents to all children during one night, going through the chimney or even windows and doors. You can’t see him while he’s delivering presents but you tell your children to believe. You are typically the one telling others not to lie to your children but you are constantly telling lies. Santa has no place in Christianity; that’s a blatant and confusing lie given from satan because God is a Spirit and he isn’t seen unless he manifests himself, you can’t touch him and you can’t feel him unless the Holy Spirit of Truth is indwelling you. What if your children ask, how can The Lord be real when santa isn’t? The Lord is a very present help and he’s our salvation, Santa is a lie used to deceive use into spending money and losing focus from the Truth. God didn’t start santa, the wickedness of satan did. You are responsible for teaching your children the Truth, not following pagan worldly traditions that come from workers of satan. Please, Followers of Christ, stand for Truth and stop lying to children. They deserve the Truth at all times, even when the world lies to them, Let us be honest.