Month: June 2016

Jesus, please continue your long suffering.

It’s unfathomable how disrespectful we are to Jesus. Jesus The Christ is the most disrespected person of all time. Jesus is continuously being rejected, lied upon, and his name is constantly being abused, used in vain, etc….The sinners say he isn’t the Messiah and too many believers falsely prophecy in his name which causes people to error. We must stop using our Lord and Savior name so loosely. JESUS deserves pure and sincere worship, pure and sincere praise, obedience unto him, and fellowship. I often time criticize preachers for not doing enough to proclaim JESUS but I’m making an appeal to myself. Why am I not doing more, why am I so lazy in spreading Christ. We all must do more for Jesus. Jesus created All things but yet, so many people are rejecting him and worshipping idol gods who hasn’t died for the remission of their sin but yet their faith is in them. We must teach and preach repentance of sins, the profession that we need a savior, and obedience of the will of God. Peace and grace be unto you all with the love of God.