Month: May 2018

Remember The Deliverance

We must change our thinking and think on the Lord rather than our situations. Remember how The Lord delivered you from that depressive state, healed your body, restored your family, provided you with His wisdom, or protected you from harm. Don’t focus on what’s depressing, your sickness, family troubles, this life, nor fear. We as people have a tendency to focus on the wiles of satan, which he uses to distract us, rather than The Lord. Deliverance is always better than your past situation. Don’t focus on being bound but remember how you were delivered. Since the Lord delivered you before, trust that he can deliver you from any situation that troubles you. Focus on The Lord, and never look away.

Being Good Only vs Belief Only pt.1

Most people today are teaching others to be a good person, Only. There are too many people mixing beliefs and that brings deceit. If you are a Follower of Christ, you must not listen to and follow the teachings of other religions (buddhist, nation of islam, new age, ect)…….Their teachings are contrary to Christ. Some teach living a good life will bring salvation, some don’t believe in an afterlife. I’m here to confirm my beliefs and you must believe that Christ did indeed die for the remission of sin, Christ was buried, and Christ was resurrected. Your belief in Christ’s redeeming work brings Salvation; not living a good life. Now don’t misunderstand me, living a loving, caring, kind life is great but that must come after your belief in Christ as Lord.