Month: June 2020

All Lives Matter

I am by no means racist. If it were up to me, racism would be eradicated but everyone doesn’t think like me. I feel as though you should treat people better than how you would like to be treated. With the black lives matter movement, I feel as though it’s reverse racism by a lot of the promoters. I’m strictly talking about my family and community. They are quick to denounce the racism of others but fail to see the racism in their own speech and thought. This is for the promoters of black lives matter, do not the lives of aborted babies matter as well. I have yet to see a nationwide outrage due to abortions. There are marches to have abortions legalized; even past their first breathe. That’s ludicrous to me, and I will not stand for the lives of babies being taken due to others feeling they are unimportant. Actually, killing an unwanted child is murder. Who are we to say who lives and who dies. Now, I realize that there is racism and I feel that death will be the ultimate eradication of racism because I was taught to discriminate. I was told not to date a white woman. That deeply hurt me for a loved one to say that to me. I have heard numerous conversations where my family and former church family would openly demean another race. Racism is racism, no matter what race it comes from. I don’t have that in my heart and that’s why I don’t have a close relationship with my family now due to the blatant racism. We must not stand on the sidelines and continue to allow this plague to destroy us. The only person who can truly help is The Lord. I invite all of the lost souls to Jesus Christ who died for the sins of humanity, was buried and rose the 3rd day morning. He is the Saviour and he can help us through these tough and dangerous times. Be blessed.