Effective Evangelizing?

The other day, while on my blog lordssheepblog.wordpress.com I encountered professed atheists. While evangelizing to them, they pointed out very eye opening and quite frankly alarming things about us Christians. Some things that they said were °Christians are always forcing their beliefs on them, °Christians can’t even decide on what to believe, °Christians say to love but act out of hate, °Christians say just read the Bible, °Christians don’t understand what they believe but they invite others to attend their church. I just named a few but actually they named 34 things.

The first things I’ll like to point out are the fact they said Christians can’t decide on what to believe. Now, I know we are one body made up of different members and functions but we have to follow the Holy Spirit and listen to His teachings. satan is telling his demons to attack and send deceptions to the body of Christ and we must be ready to fight through the Holy Scriptures. Some teach baptism is fully immersed into water and some teach the Holy Spirit baptism. Some teach Salvation by grace through faith only and some teach Salvation by works and grace. Some teach you can lose Salvation and some teach Salvation cannot be lost. Some teach when you die, you go to Heaven and some teach when Jesus comes back you’ll then go to Heaven. These are a few things within Christianity that the teachers have been deceived and mislead about. The Holy Spirit never teaches an error, that’s always from satan and his wickedness. Ask the Lord for wisdom of the Holy Scriptures personally so he can teach you all things.

The next statement I’ll address that the atheists mentioned were Christians say just read the Bible. Christians, we cannot just tell others to read the Holy Scriptures because they are not Spiritual. The natural man cannot understand the things of the spirit. So, telling a natural man to read the Spiritual and Holy written Scriptures will lead to error. God draws us to Jesus and we are predestinated to be saved. Upon being saved, we are equipped with gifts from the Lord. We all have work to do and we should all do the work of an evangelist and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost souls, simply telling them to read the Bible isn’t enough. Tell them the Gospel and live a life pleasing to the Lord, that they may want to learn and follow Jesus Christ. In order to tell the Gospel of Jesus, we must know it. Jesus died, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day morning.

It just goes to show that anyone can teach you something, we just need to pay attention. I truly believe God sent me to evangelize to those atheists; possibly for them to be saved but for sure for me to become more effective in my outreach. I have been that Christian who only talked about what I heard but now I speak with The Lord leading me to speak about what I’ve read and learned through Him. We aren’t listening enough to others. We just want to be heard but if no one listens, no one can be added to the church because how can you hear without the preacher. Be firm in your belief of Jesus Christ and listen to others so they can listen to you. Be blessed.

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